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Welcome in our celebration on Sunday Morning!

Every Sunday morning we meet in our service at 10.00 am. We believe that Jesus came to earth to make God the Father visible. As Shelter we want to do the same: to make God visible in this moment of time and let Him touch our lives. The service is also live available online. Click here!

Our church is built on two pillars: our meetings (like the meeting in the temple in the Bible) and our @home groups (like meeting in private houses).

In our meetings we have two major ingredients: a time of worship and the sermon.


During the worship time we exalt God and focus on Him. We sing contemporary songs and give Him all honor. You will notice that some people will have their own way of expressing their love for God during the worship. Some sit while others are standing, clap their hands or raise them. We encourage that. There are also moments for praising God in your own words. In all this we are led by our worship team, an enthusiastic band. During this part of the service it is possible to share a prophetic word or receive prayer.


The second part of the service is an inspiring sermon. Church members and guests will be encouraged to live according the principles of Gods Word, the Bible. The biblical principles will be applied to every day life. This will be done in a lively and practical way. There is room for humor and interaction with the congregation. You can apply the message of the sermon in your daily life.


The children are part of our community. (Almost) every Sunday they will enjoy a great program. The youngest children (0-3 years) stay in our own building. Check the kids page to learn more about the children’s ministry.


The ministry team will be ready for you in the front of the room at the end of the service. If you have a need you can freely approach them and they will pray for you.


In both services translation into English is available. You can ask for a headset at the information table in the lobby.

Stay around!

In between the two services coffee and tea will be served. You can meet new people and use this time to ask the welcome team all your questions.

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